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Issue #6 Q2 2005: Released 15.JUN.05
Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Contact HQ

...Latest Intel Reveals...
New airsoft products, cool stuff, rumors, etc.

War Journal
Operation: Lion's Den
Out of the frying pan and into the fire.  SFOD
831 are down for the count!

Field Tested
Shtorm-2 Russian Grenadier Vest
HFC's Auto BB Loader

Speak Freely
Deadbeat Retailers
Helpful hints about who and what to watch out for
when purchasing airsoft goods

Primary Objective
The M4 rebuild finale!

NAM Girl / Interrogation Room
Meet Wednesday.  Not only is she hot, she's one
of those rare jems who actually plays the sport
and doesn't look like an 80's action star
(mullet, muscle shirt and...stubble)!
The Armory
Trigger Happy's
M-910 Grenade Launcher

The Dossier
New Jersey's Reaper's Warriors
(no affiliation with our Reaper)

What's For Lunch?

Modification of the TOP AK Drum Magazine to
prevent the consistent jamming!

Sgt. Pecker
Sarge get's his ass chewed by the Editor-in-Chief

The Specialist
HEAVYARMS: True Squad Support
(Part III)

National and International airsoft clubs and

airsoft abbreviations and common terms defined
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