Issue #9 Q1 2006: Released 22.Mar.06
Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

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...Latest Intel Reveals...
New airsoft products, cool stuff, rumors, etc.

AO: Area of Operation
Planning to attend the next MIKE Force game?  Is
it worth the drive?  We review the club and let
you know.

Speak Freely
"Where Are My Customers?" Find out why you havent
ben making those sales you want!

Expo Airsoft West
Who was there, what they had and why you
should've been there too!

Spot Check
This issue we shopped and rate:
Down Range Tactical

Close Quarters
SFC Johnny Eynetich talks about how airsoft was
used in CQB training before heading to Iraq

NAM In Iraq II
We share a letter and signed copy Issue #7 from
all the boys in
A-Troop 1-167 Cav
NAM Girl
Meet the Russian Snow Princess:

The Armory
We bookend TM's releases with their first AEG
and their latest AEP:
The FA-MAS 5.56mm-F1 & HK MP7 A1 PDW

Side Armory

Wanna win a FA-MAS and a MK23?  Show us your
mullet with the "Metal Gear Up Your Arse-nal"

The Dossier
We're proud to bring you BAASH, the cornerstone
of every nutritious airsoft event.

Learn how to rewire your MP5 from a front
foregrip battery to a stock-based battery.

Sgt. Pecker
Revived from teh dead by the boys in Iraq only
to face a tightass!

Airsoft terms defined

Hall of Records
See the ranks of everything we've reviewed to
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