No unauthorized media equipment allowed.  This includes, cameras, digital cameras, camcorders, GoPros, GunCams, phone cameras, tablet cameras,
digital camcorders, video equipment, etc... NO EXCEPTIONS!  Unless there's an emergency we request you keep phones, tablets and/or other mobile
devices with recording capabilities in your vehicle, pockets or pouches during the event.  For authorization/approval for media/recording
equipment, inquire at the registration desk on game day.  

This is a 6mm shotgun and gas pistol game only. Airsoft pistols and 6mm shotguns that shoot above 350fps with .20bbs will be confiscated or
players will be sent home!

No 8mm shotguns, AEGs, AEPs, gas blowback SMGs, sniper rifles, HPA conversions, etc..., will be allowed.

HFC 134a and Green Gas only.  Red gas (or any equivalent higher than green) is not permitted!

All guns MUST be chrono’d at 350fps with .20bbs and below with green gas, and tagged before game-start.  An empty magazine must be provided to
the controller to load with gas and 3bbs for chrono.  Please understand that this does not mean we will be loading your first mags!

So long as they meet the chrono regulations, full-auto gas powered blow-back pistols are allowed but no AEPs or HPAs.

While there is no limit to the amount of pistols you may bring there are a few restrictions: Each pistol MUST be holstered on your person, not
stuffed in a backpack or stacked in your pockets. You are supposed to be a trained professional, not a crack dealer gone crazy at the GunBarn!  
Ammo is restricted to two magazines per pistol.  One in the gun and one spare (no extra bbs or gas)!  Shotguns are limited to 2 shells/mags.  1
in the shotgun and one extra.  Additional ammo and gas will be hidden throughout the field.  

At the very minimum, all players MUST have safety goggles/glasses and a boxer's mouth guard!  If you have a full face mask (paintball), or
sealed goggles and a lower mesh face guard, that's fine.  But at the bare minimum, you must have sealed goggles and teeth protection.  All
players must also have a latex or vinyl mask in which their safety glasses/goggles will fit over, or under, preferably mouth-free to prevent
your goggles from fogging (see below for example).  No plastic or styrofoam masks will be allowed as they will need to be placed in the map
pocked of your BDU pants.  We recommend you purchase one (retail for about $3.99) or a basic/generic one can be rented for $5.00.  An
"appropriate" prize will be awarded for the best playable zombie mask brought to the field by a player!

It is also recommended that players bring additional "padding" (3-4 T-shirts or a vest) for when playing as a zombie.

Any willful violations of these and following rules will result in immediate ejection from the game and escorting off the property.

All those in attendance MUST bring safety goggles, and a mask (see below for example).  A boxer's bit (teeth guard) is also required.  All
those attending must also read and sign a release form stating that all rules, safety rules and regulations have been thoroughly read and
clearly comprehended.

Minors (persons under the age of 18) are welcome to attend with parental consent.  All minors are required to have the release form (see above)
completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian upon arrival to game site(a sibling cannot be considered a legal guardian unless legally
appointed as such).  Violations of this rule will result in dismissal from participation in OPERATION: BIOHAZARD.
All those in attendance MUST read, complete, sign and bring to the game, our release form.  Signature states that the participant (legal
guardian if a minor) releases all legal liability and that all safety rules and regulations (listed below) have been thoroughly read and
clearly comprehended.  Signature also states that any images taken of the participant may be utilized by The NAM: National Airsoft Magazine for
publication purposes without imbursement to the undersigned.  Failure to provide a signed release form
result in dismissal from participation in OPERATION: BIOHAZARD
MINORS: (persons under the age of 18) are welcome and encouraged to attend with parental consent.  All minors are required to have the release
form (see above) completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian upon arrival to game site (a sibling cannot be considered a legal guardian
unless legally appointed as such by a court of law).  All minors MUST comply with special safety regulations specified in the Release Form.  
Violations of this rule will result in dismissal from participation in OPERATION: BIOHAZARD.
Controllers will be in brightly colored shirts that identify them as such.  Non-playing guests (NPGs) will be wearing white suits or bright
orange hunting vests.  Anyone who shoots a controller or NPG will be warned the first time.  Additional occurrences  may result in ejection
from the game if deemed necessary by event staff.

Head shots do not count!  We understand that accidents happen, but you will be asked to leave the game if you are caught shooting an individual
in the head intentionally, or require repeated warnings.  This rule goes for shooting both living and undead!

Live Persons:  For this scenario you will be playing by a 1 shot kill, anywhere on the body (remember head shots do not count).  This means if
you are struck anywhere by a BB you are out!  Ricochets do not count.

Close Quarters:  Guns
WILL NOT be fired any closer than a 5 foot distance.  Within a 5 foot distance, the live players will simply say "BANG!,
BANG!, BANG!," with the first "BANG!" being the kill.  If a live player gets within 5 feet of a zombie (unless running or hiding), that
character is automatically out dead to "horror factor (see Zombies)!" If by chance some wanton fellow forgets to say "BANG!" but instead says
"Surrender!" or something to the like, remember, it's for your safety and call out.  Save the anal retention for another day.

Medic Revival: When a person is shot out, another live player may take the right hand of the "dead" player.  It must be held for 30 seconds (to
be counted out loud by the liver person).  If done, the player can be considered medic'ed and may return as a live player.

TROCAR employees & Police:  Each of these players is allowed 2 mags with each pistol (this includes the one in the gun), however, they are not
limited to how many pistols they have but are limited to the rule that every pistol
MUST be holstered on your person!  Violators will be
ejected from the game.  Extra gas and bbs are prohibited (extra bbs and gas have been strewn in secret locations in the field and must be found
in order to replenish empty magazines)!  These players follow all typical rules of engagement.  However, if a Police officer should “Kill” a
TROCAR employee, then that employee can be revived via the medic rule and is considered arrested and must holster his guns.  If a ZOMBIE
situation should arise, the TROCAR employee may pull his guns if asked to do so by a Police Officer.  At that point he may flee once the
engagement is over.  When live players are shot out, they become zombies.  See below for instructions on what to do if shot out.

ZOMBIES: Distinguished by THE mask.  As far as the mask itself, if you are bringing your own mask, please understand that we are trying to
establish a specific environment for Operation: Biohazard.  With that in mind, we only allow dead-themed masks.  Zombie masks are perfect.  
Great stand-in masks would be a creepy Frankenstein mask, an aged witch mask or even a skull mask (seen below).  What is inappropriate, and
will not be permitted, are masks like a devil mask, clown masks, Miss Piggy, political figures (for obvious reasons), etc.  If you have a
question regarding a mask you'd like to bring, please get approval from us BEFORE the event.

Zombies do not use guns.  If a TROCAR or Police Officer is tagged, comes into physical contact with or a zombie gets within 5 feet of him, a
"horror factor" takes over and the live player is considered dead (only 1 “live” player at a time per zombie can die!).  The only exception to
the 5 foot rule is if a “live” player is hiding or being chased.  The only exception to the physical contact rule is if the zombie has been
shot out.  The “dead” player lies down and the zombie kneels over the player and “mimics” eating until the downtime is up.  The zombie will
pull THE mask from the left map pocket of his "victim's" BDU pants while the downtime is continuing.  Once the downtime is up, the player then
holsters his weapons, stands with THE mask and becomes a zombie.  Zombies may either lumber around or they may run after their kills if they so
desire.  Zombies do not use team tactics.  They may gang up on a single or group of “live” players but cannot use ambush or advanced tactics.  
Remember, you’re dead.


Zombie engagement rules will only be explained at the game,

Any violation of the preceding rules will result in immediate ejection from the game and escorting off the property.

*registration fees will not be refunded for violations which result in expulsion from game!
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