Q: Where is the event held?
A: See the "HOME" link for details on the latest event.

Q: Am I allowed to bring my automatic pistol to the game?
A: Yes.  Full auto gas pistols are allowed.

Q: Can I bring my AEP (Automatic, Electric Pistol)?
A: No.  After careful consideration and close observation, it has been determined that like AEGs,
these guns actually detract from and inhibit the type of environment we're trying to establish.  
Reloading gas and BBs into GBB magazines and the limitations they provide are integral to the game.  

Q: Can I use my HPA conversion so long as I have a regulator on the tank?
A: No.  Much like AEPs and AEGs, it detracts and inhibits the type of environment we're trying to
establish with OPERATION: BIOHAZARD.  Reloading gas and BBs into GBB magazines and the limitations
they provide are integral to the game.

Q: Do I need to bring a mask?
A: Yes.  As stated in the "Rules" section, you must bring a latex zombie mask.  One that will fit
neatly and easily underneath your goggles and can also be folded and stuck in a BDU map pocket
without breaking.  However, we understand that not everybody can and if for whatever reason you
can't, one will be provided for you to
borrow at the event.

Q: Will we be allowed to bring BB loaders, like TM's speed loader or HFC's Auto Loader?
A: No.  And getting caught with one may get you ejected from the game.  Attendees will be required
to "hand load" their GBBs in the field, throughout the course of the game.

Q: Where are the rules for zombies?
A: Zombie rules are discussed at the event only.

Q: Can Minors attend your event?
A: Yes, with parental/guardian permission, minors may attend so long as they follow the special
rules and regulations stipulated in our registration form.

Q: My pistol shoots 8mm BBs.  Is it acceptable to bring?
A: We've actually rethought this one out and tested it.  Only Marushin's 8mm revolvers are allowed
at Operation: Biohazard for reasons to be specified at the game.

Q: What about Marui and Tanaka revolvers?
A: Unfortunately, no.  We have special rules regarding the 8mm revolvers.  It would be much too
difficult to expect the zombies to know the difference between revolver brands.

Q: What if I don't want to be a zombie?
A: Tough.  All participants are required to exchange roles between living and undead during the game
as the scenarios reset.  It's only fair!

Q: Can I bing my shotgun?  It's chrono'd with .20bbs well under the 350fps limit you set on pistols!
A: Yes you can but it must be 6mm and it's important to note that shotguns follow the same
rules and load-out limits as pistols.

Q: I know you guys say no political character masks, but can I bring a George W. Bush mask if I
customize it to look like a zombie?  It would fit the theme.
A: A firm NO.  While we do believe everybody has the right to make a political statement, we believe
that there is a proper time and a proper place for it and that our events are neither.  We work
extremely hard to bring OPERATION: BIOHAZARD up to a standard that not many other businesses do and
wish for everybody to be able to enjoy our events.  Having to deal with a political argument during
the event distracts from the environment we're working hard to establish.  Additionally, it would be
a shame to lose fellow players, a field or even a sponsorship because someone saw something they
felt was inappropriate, unprofessional and/or offensive.  In the end, though it's technically "your
statement," others won't and don't see it that way.  Ultimately, it's our event and we are
responsible for it so we are the ones held accountable for what takes place at it.

Q: Can I bring more than one pistol?
A: Yes.  You may bring as many as you like but only 2 mags per pistol and each pistol must be
holstered on your person!

Q: How should I dress for OPERATION: BIOHAZARD?
A: Almost anything is fine, street clothes or BDUs or a mix, so long as you have a pocket, dump
pouch, sling bag, etc., big enough to hold a zombie mask.

Q: Do zombies shoot back?
A: Normal zombies, no.  We don't want to give away too much now, do we?

Q: Will bbs and gas be supplied at the game, or should we bring our own supply of both?
A: Yes and yes.  Players will be required to use their own supply of gas and BBs for the initial
load which they will need to leave (BBs & gas) at their vehicles.  Once the game has commenced,
reloads/refills will be provided by us.

Q: What if I want to be a zombie the whole time?
A: Find a zombie willing to replace you on the "living" team and you may stay a zombie.
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